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             In everyday interactions people are always looking to have a positive experience among those with whom they interact. According to the Social Exchange theory, with each interaction an individual has with another, that individual attempts to maximize the positive outcomes and minimize the negative. The purpose of this paper is to apply the Social Exchange theory to an authentic real life situation to best illustrate the theory and the key concepts that it holds. In applying the social exchange theory from demonstration, to application, to then explanation, a better understanding in terms of the value of the theory will be shown, as well as the function that it has in everyday life. .
             An episode that best characterizes the Social Exchange theory is one that involves my ex-girlfriend, and myself. We had been having our share of problems when, one day, every argument and disagreement we had culminated into this moment when everything just seemed to explode. She had been angry with me for having left San Diego to attend school in Santa Barbara and I was angry with her for her being angry. I wanted support, and instead, all I received was a guilt trip about how I was never there for her. After five minutes of talking, or rather complaining, we both agreed to disagree. In that instant the two of us had the realization, as many couples do, that it just was not working and the negatives far outweighed the positives. There was no minimizing the negative outcomes because everything had a negative ending. Later, the Social Exchange theory will be .
             Social Exchange Theory 3.
             applied to this episode, but for now it is best to comprehend how the Social Exchange theory works. .
             To fully understand the Social Exchange theory is to understand its concept. The Social Exchange theory, as stated by Unger and Johnson, is that in which, "human behavior is governed by the desire to maximize positive experiences and minimize negative ones" (604).

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