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the learner, the immobile, thh

             If humans were birds, only three kinds would exist: those who use their wings to fly unto other lands; those who use their wings to fly from branch to branch; and those who use their wings as cushions to rest upon.
             Some men are born to learn, therefore, they use their minds to gather knowledge and expand their know- how of the world. They insist on getting conclusions, reading books and writing to understand how or why a thing is done. They never rest until they know not what exist outside what they learn.
             There are those who were born to learn and to live. They use their minds both together what is in front of their eyes and to apply in their lives. They don't dig too far, therefore, they are susceptible to failure; but they learn from logical thinking. Thus, they know both ends of a story even before setting eyes upon it. Mistakes are stepping-stones for them, and failure is only a step forward.
             Still, others will lie still, resting while life passes by. They care not for what is happening, and they just go with the wing. They hear nothing from living or failing; therefore, they die without succeeding. They are, though, not affected, and they march forward in life armed with nothing; therefore, they achieve nothing.
             Only three exist, each coinciding with the other. But their characteristics wound back them. The learner learns what is in the eyes but not what is beyond; the thinker learns beyond the facts but fails to grasp the whole idea; and the immobile sees life as it passes by but does not know what happens as it passes. Each one has its advantage above the rest, at the same time its ultimate downfall.
             Life trough, revolves upon the three, the learner gives knowledge to the thinker; the thinker gives life to immobile; and the immobile teaches the learner to settle down. Life, then, is nothing but a conglomeration of thoughts, facts and rests.
             So who are you? A thinker, a learner, or an immobile?.

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