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Egyptian Museum

            I could never imaging that an actual mummy would appeared in front of my eyes, lying there, holding his arms still, like a real human sleeping in the glass tank until we visited the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. It was a great experience which made me feel like I was in a time machine. The feeling was more realistic then watching a Hollywood movie because what in front of my eyes were the real things that Egyptian used thousands of years.
             The tomb seemed creepy and spooky at the entrance. It looked so real that when I was entering, I hesitated for a second. I felt like I was going to enter a solemn grave that still has some king of magic power nowadays. I wondered, how would the real one feels like when those scholars first entered without knowing what were inside the tomb. The ceiling of the tomb has Nut on it, which Nut extended through the entire ceiling. In Nut's body, there are a lot of stars. The interesting thing is that, Egyptian's star has fie ends as well; so who started the idea to symbolize star with five end points? There were also sun, and moon at each said of the ceiling. I noticed there was a piece of the wall near the exit, has a huge left eye painted on the wall, but there was no right eye. Alsom above the left eye, there was a pair of eyes showing on the wall. It looked charm and attractive from far distance. Despite the eyes and stars, there were paintings everywhere showing the life of Egyptians in the past. They hunted, they fished, and they farmed. There were many different kinds of birds on the wall. Hieroglyphic were everywhere as well. It seemed like "bird" is an important creature to Egyptians, which there were a lot of birds in hieroglyphic and in the pictures.
             Since the tomb looked so real, I was glad that the museum places mummies in the showcase out side of the tomb, instead of putting them inside the coffin. It can be scary in that way. The mummies were dark brown, dry , and skinny.

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