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Ancient Egyptian Mummies

            History is an extremely important subject because it teaches us about the civilizations before us. These civilizations were very different mostly because of the time they existed but there are so similarities throughout history. One of these similarities is death. People will and always die. Different civilizations reacted differently to death. The civilization that interests me the most in ancient Egypt and to be more specific the way they reacted to death. They had a very unique perspective on death. Part of this was their belief in afterlife and how you got to the afterlife. They did things such as bury people with their wealth because they believed people needed their belongings even in the afterlife.
             On October 9th 2014 I ventured to DC with my friends to find an artifact for my History 101 project. We went to Museums all over DC to not only look for an artifact but also learn more about the history of the world. I knew I wanted to do my project on Ancient Egypt already so I was looking for different artifacts from that time period. The Museum that interested me the most by far was the Museum of Natural history. The Museum of natural history is a very diverse museum that offers insight to so much of the world's history. .
             At the museum of natural history I discovered the ancient Egyptian exhibit. It had a lot of different really cool artifacts like a real mummy and different accessories from ancient Egypt. .
             The Artifacts I found most interesting were the masks that were made for mummies to wear. I found it astonishing what good condition the masks were in after all these years. To be honest I really shouldn't have been surprised because they whole point in the mummification process is to preserve the bodies of the dead. The Egyptians believed that even after a person's life had ended they still needed their body for the afterlife. Not only that but they also believed a person needed their belongings in the afterlife.

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