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Egyptian Death vs Modern Dearth

            The Egyptians, like most people did not look forward to death. The ancient Egyptians preserved the dead by mummifying them. The Egyptians mummified their bodies because their physical form was an essential part to their afterlife. .
             1. 1.At first, only the pharaohs would be mummified, then the rich believed that they too could be part of this, and even some of the poor people could be mummified. If you were the king or a rich person in ancient Egypt, then you could even chose to have your pet mummified. .
             2. The tomb would be elaborately decorated and would have pictures of daily life in Egypt. It would show how they dressed, the agriculture, their architecture and even the foods they ate.
             3. The Egyptians believed that death was just a continuation of life and your economic well being affected how you lived in the afterlife, but in order to get to that afterlife, they would have to they would have to pass through a dangerous place with obstacles such as monsters, boiling lakes, fires and nasty snakes that spat out poison. And if they passed all these obstacles, then they would be able to meet their friends and family in Yaru, the Egyptian afterlife.
             4. The Egyptians would take the brain out of the eye or the nose and then fill the skull with Natron (Natron is a salty chemical found around the shores of the lakes near Cairo). All the organs would be taken out except for the heart. The mouth would be left open so that the mummy could eat and breathe. The ancient Egyptians would do this so well, that some mummies found today even had hair and skin, thousands of years after the corpse was put into the coffin. .
             5. Hinduism teaches that a soul never dies; it is only reborn. When a person dies, they reincarnate. The soul may be reincarnated as a priest, if they lived a good life, but if they lived an evil life, they could be reincarnated as a worm. The actual ceremony after a person dies is a cremation.

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