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             Religion has always played a major role in the lives of people throughout .
             The film that we observed in class describes Hinduism as no exception. It impacts.
             many aspects of the lives of the people in India, especially in the areas of lifestyle, laws,.
             social structure and lifecycles. Hinduism is a very unique religion. It has a very distinct.
             social hierarchy called a "caste system".
             The Hindus do not have one leader that tells them a sermon, or oversees what they.
             do. They believe that all jivas (a persons soul) will move through a system of castes or .
             there place in society. There are four castes, which consist of followers or unskilled .
             workers, such as farmers, administrators, and the Brahmins or seers. The Brahmins are .
             considered the leaders of Hinduism. Each Hindu is expected to perform several rituals .
             everyday as part of there worship. These rituals include things like: making offerings to .
             the gods, to all beings, to departed souls, and especially before eating, and to show.
             hospitality to others and a continuous remembrance of God . .
             Each caste is very important to the Hinduism religion because it introduces a.
             particular caste to the next. It basically contains 4 stages like how it was mentioned.
             Brahmin is obviously the highest caste therefore it is the creator, preserver, or .
             transformer and reabsorber of everything. It may also be conceived of as a personal high.
             God (Trinity of Gods). It causes the universe and all beings to originate from itself, .
             transforms itself into the universe, or assumes it's appearance. .
             The second stage that supports the four castes is marriage. The eldest son or the.
             only son is chosen for this specific ritual and is basically forced to have an arranged .
             marriage. He is then required to build a household. He would have to act a certain way.
             that he is told; meaning he would have to mature quickly enough to make the right.

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