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sex education

            Nowhere in my years growing up could I find a safe, honest and comfortable space for me to discover the meaning of sex-neither at home nor at school. I wonder today how children and young people are learning about sex- how it can be just often overrated as it can be underrated, how to be safe, how to be emotionally responsible for the act itself, and where to got to seek advice, tips and help, whichever the situation may call for. Sex is still taboo among most families in Malaysia and therefore sex education is essential to Malaysia youths to give them a better view.
             Providing information through sex education is therefore about finding out what young people already know and adding to their existing knowledge and correcting any misinformation they may have. For example, young people may have heard that condoms are not effective against HIV/AIDS or that there is a cure for AIDS. It is important to provide information which corrects mistaken beliefs. Without correct information young people can put themselves at greater risk .They need to have information about the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and sexual reproduction, including fertilisation and conception and about sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. The idea of targeting young people with sex education would also help to boost the war against HIV/AIDS in the country which is increasing in recent years.
             Young people can be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. At this period of time youths are at a hormonally-induced curious age. These sometimes appear contradictory and confusing. For example, some health messages emphasis the risks and dangers associated with sexual activity and some media coverage promote the idea that being sexually active makes a person more attractive and mature. Therefore these young people in the growing up years need proper channels to discover the meaning of sex and to have a better understanding.

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