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the edible woman

             A writers style is very important in writing a book because it can not only develop certain functions in different ways but the language used by the author can determine, how interesting or challenging the novel will be. Plot and character are both key elements in a story and are virtually impossible to neglect. In "The edible woman- by Margaret Atwood, Plot is an element that is built throughout the story, through different happenings and events. Meanwhile, the manner in which character is built is much more subtle. The language also has a refined relationship to the function of the passage and can change its meaning or even send hidden messages in the story. In "the edible woman- by Margaret Atwood, language also serves to develop mood. Therefore Atwood develops, plot, character and mood, through her writing style and language.
             The function of this passage is to develop Plot and character, and although it may have other subtle functions, plot and character can both be justified. "God, she thought to herself, "I hope it's not permanent; Ill starve to death!- is an example from the book that develops both these functions. In the scenario. Marian, the main character, is sitting at the table with her fiancé eating dinner, but she cannot eat. This is not the first time it has happened and it has been occurring, much more often in recent weeks because of an ongoing inner struggle she is having with her fiancé. This develops the plot in the sense that Marian has a problem with eating and it becomes and ongoing struggle throughout the book. .
             Marians character is developed, in a more refined manner, in the sense that she is showing weakness in her character by doing something that affects her health because of the relationship with her future husband. It is also showing the dependance in her character. .
             Therefore Character and plot are both developed in this one short passage, even in one sentence .

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