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david walker

            Through this piece of literature, David Walker attempts to explain to the audience why African slaves have been the most "degraded, wretched, and abject set of beings that ever lived." He goes on to the history of slavery and explains why their, African slaves, experience of slavery was far more difficult than those of the Romans and their captives, the Egyptians, and so on. He then goes on to critique the Christian faith. It is evident that Walker is a Christian for he mentions several times his great faith in "Jesus Christ." Despite his Christian faith, it is also apparent that Walker has much displeasure with the Christian faith of white Americans. From the quotation, it is clear that Walker's biggest gripe with American Christianity is the contradiction between what the "word" is actually saying and how it is being practiced. Walker says how could his people possibly believe in a God who teaches justice and peace when they are experiencing the greatest injustice of them all. .
             This is similar to way people treat going to church today. During the week, they act without regard to God and whatever his/her teachings are. They go around doing whatever they feel even if they know what they are doing is wrong, hurtful or evil. But, come Sunday, they believe that when they go to church for that one hour, that everything is fine again and that they are cleansed. Then after church, then can spend the other 167 hours of the week going about their previous ways. .
             I too find myself in the same situation. I find myself not always being a good person and doing what my God would always want me to do. I too find myself going to church and after that one hour coming out feeling that everything is once again "cool" with God and myself. I know that this kind of behavior is wrong, and that it is something I am constantly trying to work. This is a problem that many of us face but these kinds of flaws are what make us humans and our own individuals.

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