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Why Study History

             Why study history?.
             Why do we study history? That is the most common question asked in a social studies class. Everyone has their own reasons. I would like to explain why I think studying history is important. First let me tell you what history is. History is things said and done in the past. The most important thing about studying history is to learn from the past and possibly create a better future. .
             A historian is a person who studies and documents history, just like we do in school. Historians make sense of the past by asking questions like who?, what?, when?, where?, why?, and how?But how will they find out about things? Answers or facts can be found in books and collections called archives. Facts and answers can also be found from a primary source. Some examples of primary sources include diaries and letters. .
             Just like a historian, an archaeologist also studies about the past. The only thing different about an archaeologist is that they dig up clues instead of researching for them. Archaeology is the systematic recovery and study if material evidence, such as graves, tools, and pottery remaining from human life or culture.
             Here are reasons why I think studying history is important. We learn about our ancient civilizations like China and India. Studying history also gives us knowledge about how things got invented such as the compass, paper, and electricity. When we wonder about how Christmas or any other holiday came to be, history has the answers.
             Without history we are cutting ourselves off from an important source of knowledge . The study of history not only includes learning and understanding history yourself, but also teaching other people. In conclusion, I think everyone should study history.

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