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Catcher in the Rye

             2) A) Holden walks to the train station and catches a late train to New York City, at a stop in Trenton an attractive women whom is older than Holden boards the train. She sits next to him and recognizes the Pencey Prep sticker on his bag. She turns out to be the mother of one his former classmates, Ernest Morrow. Holden hates Ernest but tells his mother ridiculous lies about her son. Holden .
             states that he is one of the most popular boys on campus and would have been Class president if he had would have let the other boys nominate him. Holden also says his name is Rudolph Schmidt, which is the name of a custodian at Pencey Prep. Mrs. Morrow told Holden she received a letter from Ernest saying that he would be home on Wednesday, she asks Holden why he is not at school.
             He goes as far to say he has a brain tumor and is going to New York for surgery.A more mature way for Holden to handle the situation would have been to tell Mrs. Morrow a sugarcoated opinion of her son, he could have also told her his correct name, Holden Caulfield. Finally, Holden could also have told her he is no longer at Pencey because he flunked out due to lack of effort in all of his .
             b) One mourning while in New York Holden calls Sally Hayes and makes a date for her later that afternoon. At two O"clock Holden meets Sally at the Biltmore Hotel, even though Sally is late she looks good, so Holden forgets about it. Holden makes out with Sally on the way to the movie theater. The actors at the play annoy Holden because they are "phonies" and full of themselves or so he says. During the intermission, Holden is annoyed because Sally flirts with a boy from Anover, which is another Prep School. Even though this annoys Holden he still takes her ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. While ice skating Holden thinks to himself that Sally only wants to go ice-skating because she wants to showoff her "cute ass", however he says he finds it attractive.

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