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Sammy Sosa

            The person I am writing about is Sammy Sosa. As you may know, Sammy Sosa was one of the contenders in the homerun race against him and Mark McGwire. McGwire won with 70 homeruns while Sammy Sosa lost with 66 homeruns. Even though Sammy Sosa lost he is still a very skilled player. In my report I will describe Sammy's life and career. .
             I don't think there is anything anyone needs to know about Sammy Sosa before they read this report except for Sammy's last name at birth isn't Sosa so the readers do not think I am talking about someone totally different. Other than that everyone already probably knows that Sammy Sosa is a baseball player, which is really all the readers need to know. .
             Samuel Peralta Montero was born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic on Nov. 12 1968. You may be wondering why Sammy's last name was Montero. Well Sammy's father died when Samuel was only 7. So Sammy's mother re-married and Sammy's last name was changed to Sosa. Sosa began playing baseball when he was 14 and only two years later attracted the attention of scouts for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers signed Sosa as a free agent in 1985. In 1989 Sosa made his debut for the Rangers but was soon traded to the Chicago White Sox. He played his first full season with the White Sox in 1990. He was struggling with the team with poor stats and was traded to the Chicago Cubs. .
             Sosa's first season for the Cubs was poor as well. He only played in 67 games and was on the disabled list twice for fractures of his right hand and left ankle. His skill was improving and in the 1994 season he batted a .300 average with 25 homeruns and 70 runs batted in. In the 1995 season Sosa had 36 home runs and 34 steals. He also went to the All-Star game in the same year. In 1997 the Cubs decided to sign a 4-year contract with Sosa since he was extremely improving over the years with the team. In 1998 the homerun race was taking shape. Unfortunately Sosa lost to Mark MGgwire.

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