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Description of a Dragon

             Dragons are large reptilian creatures with a strong layer of scales and cold blood in their veins. There are legends of dragons from all over the world but the two main types of dragons are the eastern dragon (mainly from China or Japan) and the western dragon (Europe). .
             Eastern dragons are quite different from those found in the west. The appearance of the eastern dragon varies slightly depending on status and sex but they all have the same basic look. The Eastern dragon has a long snake like body that is covered with scales. Many have hair or feathers running down the length of their back. They have long powerful tails with a spade shaped tip. At the end of each of their four legs were razor sharp claws which could tear through almost anything. The number of toes a dragon had represented which Asian country it originated in: 3 toed dragons are Japanese, 4 toed dragons are Korean, and 5 toed dragons are Chinese. Most of the time dragons are shown to have a lion-type mane around its neck, on its chin, and on each elbow. They have two antler-type horns decorating their wide-mouthed head, and two whiskers spreading out from their snout. Some eastern dragons had a great pearl in their throat or under its chin that symbolized wisdom and power. Unlike the western dragon the eastern dragons had no wings but possessed magical powers which enabled them to fly and did not have the ability to breathe fire.
             Western dragons usually have long thick scaly bodies similar to that of a tyrannosaurs rex. They posses a long spade shaped or spiked tail which is often used as a weapon. The western dragons have four thick muscular legs with strong claws that are used to rip into its prey. On their back they have two leathery bat like wings which they use to fly. These wings are powerful enough to propel the dragon at tremendous speeds. The western dragons usually have wedge shaped heads with long pointy horns jutting out from the top if its head.

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