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Dragon Description

            The dragons of legend are strangely like actual creatures that have lived in the past. They are much like the great reptiles, which inhabited the earth long before man. However these dragons are of fragile content and stunning artistry. There are three in all. Present is one individual on the left, one element to the right, and the last behind all the others.
             The first dragon of the horde, which is located at the left side, is made of three primary colors; gold, green, and yellow. Even though he is shorter than all the others, the gold spikes that trail down his green transparent back show no mercy to any that oppose him. The chicken-like feet of this minute dragon are of shiny royal gold that would lie on the brow of any king. His legs and tail are in a relaxed sitting position and fall beneath him peacefully. His wings with their gold outline and green interior protrude out of his back and into the air as if his senses have warned him of a nearby adversary. His green and yellow marbled mouth lies open in a tranquil hiss while his bullion teeth jut into the open air of his malicious breath. His gold horns project straight up, but so slightly curve to a point of elegance and beauty.
             The character to the right seems to be the guardian of the three. He grasps a golden sword of valor in his right hand, but the blade is transparent and shows its true fragility. His appendages stretch to attain any possible item or figure that could be in front of him, and he is on top of his toes to show his eagerness to fight in battle. His tail short and stubby gives him the balance to fight in quickness and speed as well as his small golden wings. The two sets of horns that are placed on the top of his head and on the side as well extend beyond the usual luster of any one dragon's horns. His eyes and body, as well as his face, are transparent to give him the stealth that he needs on the battle field.

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