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            Is There a Better Method than The BCS?.
             Year after year in college football, there is always a huge debate over who is the best team in the country. The system currently being used to determine who the best team in college football is the Bowl Championship Series. The Bowl Championship Series is a ranking of teams that consists of an extremely complicated formula that includes wins and losses, rankings, and strength of schedule. The top two teams in the final rankings of the season will then play each other for the national championship in a bowl game. The system has been in place since 1998, and almost every year there has been debate about who the national champion should be. Last year in the 2002-2003 season, the ranking system finally worked without any reasonable debate. However, it was so obvious who the top two teams were that the BCS system was unnecessary. The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Miami Hurricanes were the only unbeaten teams in the nation, and the complicated formula was completely worthless. There must be a different way to determine who the national champion is, but each method being considered has its pros and cons. The NCAA should switch from the BCS to another method because there is always a worthy team or two being left out, it hurts college football traditions, and because it draws so much attention that non-BCS bowls don=t get any attention.
             After the very first season that the NCAA installed the BCS system into college football, there was a huge debate. The Tennessee Volunteers, who deserved to be in the national title game, were undefeated. After the number one team, there were a number of teams with one loss. The Florida State Seminoles made it into the title game just because they had lost earlier in the year than anyone else with one loss. Ohio State, who many believe was actually the best team in the country, was left out because they were upset with only three games left in the season.

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