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Angela's Ashes

             Throughout the memoir of Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt strives to reach.
             beyond the limitations forced upon him by poverty. Frank uses his misfortunes as.
             building blocks throughout his years to become a successful, mature man. This memoir.
             demonstrates how religion, family, society, and culture help shape a person. Frank.
             becomes determined to achieve success in live and to proved for his family.
             There were many factors that helped shaped Frank McCourt. One of those is his .
             belief in the Christian Church. The Church played a vital role in the upbringing of Frank.
             However, the Church did not always have a positive effect on Frank it actually shut him.
             down several times. The Church mainly stood as the antagonist against Frank but, in.
             contrast it also helped him survive through his rough childhood. Although, the Church.
             might have averted Frank from achieving a better life, it gave him a reason to keep on.
             living and to go on with his goals. For instance, when Frank's mother explained the.
             horrible situation tot he clergy that they were in the clergy men were not sympathetic and.
             were very hesitant of given them the docket. Frank realized that you can not rely on.
             anybody but yourself. Frank also tried extremely hard to become an altar boy but, they .
             told him they had no more room shutting the door on his face. Then once again Frank.
             gets another door shut in his face; this time Frank gets recommended to the school of.
             higher learning but, he gets rejected once again because of his social status. However,.
             the Church had stern rule sin school to keep kids disciplined, off the streets, and help.
             them succeed in life. At school though, Frank and his brother are laugher at on an .
             everyday basis. The Church taught Frank many things on how to deal with life.
             Another factor that helped shape Frank McCourt as a person were the people.
             around him. He had several important role models that influenced his personality and.

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