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Difficult Pregnancy

            Difficult pregnancy, stronger faith, trust in God my experience brought all of these things together. My journey took place June 1984 the day was nice and cool not to hot. I left the doctors office extremely happy and full of joy and glowing like the sun. Finding out that I was expecting my first child was truly one of the happiest day's in my x-husband and my life. Would this all be changing lets began?.
             Having gone through a very difficult pregnancy results in a stronger faith and trust in God.
             My pregnancy was very stressful and the stress lasted throughout the next five month's. I was extremely concerned about nourishing my baby because I could keep absolutely nothing down. I was not taking my prenatal vitamins, I couldn't even drink water, and nothing stayed down including food eating was out of the question. Most women can eat anything they want to.
             Early On my sickness was diognosed to be morning sickness, which all women go through. Some are sicker then others and it usually goes away after a few months. As time went on I knew that we were dealing with more then morning sickness. The doctors could not figure out why I was getting so sick. So the doctor's just started trying different angles. Supplemental drinks, different IVs and several medications. All of this put my body and baby at great risk. .
             Strength is also a very important factor, my body had become completely drained I had no will nor determination to do a thing but lay in bed. My body became weaker and weaker and this lead to dehydration and more I.V's. All of this lead to more hospital stays. My sister became pepper in her early months of pregnancy and she appeared to have a glow around her.
             Weight gain is a normal process while carrying your baby. During one of my early stays in the hospital the nurse and the doctor noticed I was losing weight at an alarming rate. The first two months I lost 29 pounds, by the third month I had lost 30 pounds and by the end of my pregnancy I was 50 pounds lighter then what I weighed at the beginning.

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