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Perdue Chicken

             Our goal is to make the most efficient use of resources of Perdue Farms. Perdue is looking to expand its domestic and international operations in order to maintain its current growth. After providing a complete analysis of the firm, we will offer our recommendations for accomplishing this goal. .
             External Analysis: .
             Perdue Inc has an open external analysis system that interacts with and responds to its external environment. This aspect of environmental variable involves scanning and evaluating various sectors outside Perdue's organization and identifying the good and bad trends that may affect the company's overall performance. Positive trends may improve the performance of the company and negative trends that are considered to be threats will hinder the company's performance. .
             Economic: In 1994 Perdue Farms was worth 1.5 billion dollars and employed 13,800 employees. After the take over of Showell Farms they consolidated, expanded, and became a 2.5 billion dollar company with about 20,000 plus employees. Perdue is known for its values when dealing with people. Emphasized in the company's mission statement is the importance of dealing fairly with people accompanied with hard, hard work in order to gain success. The company exercises this value by having keen interests in its workers. An essential part of the "employees first" policy was an effort to acquire and maintain a stable, productive workplace. Workers find that the poultry industry can be very stressful and unpleasant. Perdue Farms established an ergonomics committee at each plant to minimize these working conditions and to show how much the company's top managers care about their workers. A high number of Perdue's employees are Hispanic natives who have poor knowledge of the English language and are uneducated. Perdue formulated programs to teach non-speaking Hispanic associates English and gave them the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma or its equivalent.

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