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Gun on planes

            There is much controversy on whether or not commercial pilots should be armed during a flight.
             Since 9-11 we have been thinking of ways that could have prevented these horrible attacks on america. .
             Commercial pilots being armed is the biggest idea.
             I think that commercial pilots should be armed in flight to prevent any other terroist attacks that .
             may occur in the future. I bileave this because terrorist could surrender to the pilots if the pilots are .
             equipped with a gun. Pilots could also fight back against these terrorists and most likely win because a .
             box cutter verses a gun' chances of wining is obsolete. Pilots having guns may be dangerous too but it .
             makes me feel alot safer on a plane.
             I bileave that pilots should be armed in flight to prevent any other terrorist attacks that may occur in .
             the future. If a terrorist aboarded a plane with a box cutter or somthing like the ones on 9-11 did and the .
             pilots had a gun wih them then the terrorist might surrender to them and the plane could land safetly and .
             the terrorist would go to jail. If the terrorist went to jail we might be able to get information from him on .
             where Osama Bin Laden is.
             Now, if a terrorist were suicidal and even when haviing a gun pointed at them they could still attemt .
             to take over the plane. In this act the pilot could over power the terrorist with his gun and/or disable him .
             by shooting him in the legs or arms. This will not only prevent a terrorist act but save lives as well and .
             hopefully get information from this terrorist. The terrorst may even be killed during his fight witht he pilot .
             but at least lives were saved.
             I feel that pilots should be armed on commercial flights but there is a bad side to ebing armed. A .
             terrorist may overpower the pilot and get a hold of the gun therefore he would have total control of the .
             plane. The pilot could also try to shoot the terrorist but miss and hit a window to cause the plane to lose .

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