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Gun control

             The date is September 11, 2001 and in an hour, most fast food restaurants will stop serving breakfast. You are on a plane with 75 other passengers and you just come to realize that your flight has been taken over by 4 or 5 men wielding box cutters and butter knives. A flight attendant has already been stabbed and is bleeding to death in the aisle just a few feet in front of you. Several of the passengers are being held at knifepoint by ragheads to prevent any retaliatory actions that might take place by anyone trying to be a hero. The atmosphere is heavy, you think that all is lost and there is nothing that can be done. Little do the hijackers know that a good deal of the passengers will not go out willingly. When they look away, they turn around only to look down several barrels of small arms weapons with laser guided aim pointed right in between their eyes. A couple more seconds and they think they are in a scene in THE MATRIX, with a group of men, women, young, and old in either 3 piece suits or sweat pants and a beater with not-so-happy faces on. All the kung fu in the world will not help them dodge these bullets.
             Gun control laws should be changed so that almost everyone can legally possess one, but make the ammunition difficult or expensive to obtain. It is explicitly stated in the Constitution that Americans have the right to bear arms within a well regulated militia. Why make gun control such a controversial issue?.
             In Virginia, you can make use of a car as a deadly weapon and run someone over, and get 12 months for involuntary manslaughter. If you pistol-whip someone (which in most cases non-lethal) with an illegal, unloaded handgun, you get a minimum of 5 years of being someone's special friend, and are exiled from Virginia. From personal experience, I am more scared of someone with a hot iron than an unloaded handgun. .
             With a weapon, you are exercising your American right to bear arms.

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