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why germnay lost

            Why did Germany lose the First World?.
             World War one began in 1914, a war that was declared by Germany on Russia and France. The war was meant to last 6weeks. This was named the Schlieffen plan. The plan was to take over France, then Russia as Germany saw them as their greatest threat. However to do this Germany went threw Belgium, Belgium was a neutral country, by doing this England declared war on Germany. The plan that was meant to last just 6weeks, instead it lasted 4 years. There were also many other reasons why Germany lost, although until American joined neither side was closer to winning.
             Some people may say that Germany lost the war because of the Schlieffen plan. Germanys manpower wasn't as strong as they thought and Germany had lower expectation of France and Belgium's power. Germanys where also not prepared for a long-term war. Food supplies, weapons and, power were not big or strong enough. You could say, when the Schlieffen plan failed is when Germany lost. The Schlieffen Plan was the first of these high-risk strategies. The Germans gambled that they could march through Belgium without bringing Britain into the war. And of course they gambled that they could defeat the French in six weeks, before the Russians could mobilize fully. Once these bets failed, the Germans found themselves in a two-front war of attrition. Something that Germany feared. .
             Although Germany did progress in 1916 with the battle of Verdun ended in many French but also Germany casualties. Germany won a few miles of land and a million men were killed. Although for all the effort and manpower not a lot was done or gained. To add to Germanys pain and suffering the British in 1914 blocked the seas to hold supplies reaching Germany; this weakened the Germany people and the army. Artillery was running low. If Germanys artillery is running low they have less power.
             Before the Americans arrived Germany threw in everything they had in one last battle that would end everything, although Germany didn't have much left and there tactics weren't very good, after throwing everything they had, food shortages began again.

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