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Child labour

             Broken ribs, Lower Half body is paralyzed, for now.
             JASPER- The 12th wild bear attack occurred to a hiker, Liam Freeman (23), at 3PM yesterday. He was hiking at Mt. Rabson with his friend Gabriella Joyson (22) when the attack occurred near Grizzly Bear Lake. Liam Freeman suffered a life-threatening injury and immediately sent to Alberta-Jasper Hospital.
             Liam Freeman suffered 2 broken ribs, a sprained back, 3 broken bones in his leg, and a broken right foot during this attack. More severely, Liam's lower body is paralyzed from the attack. " It's really an unfortunate accident that he got into." said Dr. Betray, one of the surgeons at Alberta-Jasper hospital. .
             Liam Freeman will have 24months of rehabilitation before he will be able to do any sports activities and plans to have 3 surgeries on his rib, ankle and his foot. The doctors believe there is 50% chance that Liam's lower body will be paralyze for rest of his life.
             "Liam was petrified by the bear and he ran away. Unluckily, he lost his balance while he was running, and then the bear knocked him down. It happened so quickly that I couldn't believe what happened.".
             "We sort of knew that the grizzly bear was around us when we found a carrion that was attacked by a grizzly bear. We should've been more careful. It's really unfortunate." Said Gabriella Joyson.
             " The hikers, especially around Banff, and Jasper area, must be careful of grizzly bears, wolves, or any dangerous wild animals. There had been 12 accidents that involves bear attacks in this year alone" said Jasper national park officer Jonathan Parker. .

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