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Aborotion and Slavery

             Well as you know abortion is a big issue in our society today and back in the 1850's it was slavery. Abortion and slavery have some similar characteristics about them. As for slavery, the blacks didn't have a choice whether they had freedom or whose property they were. They were sold and bought with their feelings never being taken into consideration. As, for unborn babies they don't have the option to choose life over death. Their mothers are given the right to choose their destiny as the slave owners decided the fate of their slaves. The major difference between the slaves and unborn children is in the fact that slaves have an identity, live and work in the society while unborn babies have yet to establish themselves in the world. They haven't taken a breath from the outside world yet. .
             I think Congress should have the right to protect and prohibit abortion. If you are against abortion, you"re going to want Congress to do everything they can to prevent terminating a child. This topic about abortion is constantly tearing up our citizens today because there are many individuals that are against it and many that are for it. So not matter what the law becomes you will always have individuals with differing opinions and willing to fight to express their beliefs. Some to even fight violently to represent what they believe in.
             This topic could lead us into another civil war because the emotion is very high on both sides of the issue. It's so hard to make everyone happy so if they come up with a law stating that there is to be no abortion then the people who want abortion are going to get angry, and start a march, conference or anything to get someone's attention to change it and it this could ultimately lead to a civil war. .
             The scenario that was given to us I feel was a prime example on how people who are for abortion would think they would no longer have a voice in the Supreme Court because there are so many people already in the court that is against it.

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