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Farming Subsidies in Canada

             From the point of view of an interventionist, the agricultural community should be granted some form of relief. The government has a duty to be answerable and liable to its subjects. It must recognize the importance of the farming industry to Canada's economy. .
             Individuals are helpless to solve society's problems: that responsibility falls to the government. Unlike many careers, agriculture is a trade with a lot of uncertainty. Farmers cannot predict factors that affect their yearly income. The weather is a factor which is generally unpredictable and fluctuates greatly. Last year Alberta experienced a drought, resulting in devastating loses for many farmers. The government should intervene because farmers are helpless in this type of situation. The government, however, has the power and capital to aid the farming community. As a collective group, it is their duty to help citizens in need of assistance. A farmer's entire source of income can be destroyed with the occurance of a natural disaster. Many farmers in British Columbia are experiencing the horror of this reality as forest fires continue to rage unrelentingly. Risks such as these are causing farmers to reconsider the stability of thier career choice. Because of this, the government must also provide incentives for farmers to continue with a career that is such a "gamble". It is their obligation to the economy to ensure that the farming industry will continue to flourish in Canada. .
             The government can cope with problems that individuals alone cannot tackle. Once again, a numerous amount of farmers were left helpless due to the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. The Canadian government, however, had the ability to negotiate with the United States and eventually re-open the borders between the two countries. A large body of people, working collectively, can accomplish much more than an individual. Canadian farmers must also battle with distorted global commodity prices, due to the fact that many foreign countries grant agricultural subsidies- the United States being a prime example.

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