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            An essay on three documents studied in tutorials this semester, explaining a) their value to the historian, and b) problems with their use as historical documents.
             There are many historical documents that allow historians to analyse the ancient world. Many of these documents are propagandise and subjective to the certain civilisation it was created in, however, even this tells historians something about certain societies and cultures.
             Annals of Thut-mose III: Asiatic Campaigns.
             Thut-mose III's Asiatic campaigns were recorded in annals, most likely, by the royal scribe in his 42nd year as king. These annals describe both the battles undertaken and the booty collected. The annals, recorded on the inside walls of a temple at Karnak, though retold in the boastful and extravagant terms thought befitting a king's exploits, leave little doubt of his ability as a soldier and statesman and as an aggressive king who wished to expand the Egyptian empire and it's wealth. His campaigns " caused Egypt to be in its condition as (it was) when Re was in it as king- indicating the prestige of Egypt during this period. His first campaign to Megiddo was for the purpose of subduing the rebellious Kadesh, who was turning loyal countries against Egypt. .
             Records such as these provide historians with detailed accounts of the many different countries of that time period and their wealth and power in relation to other countries. For Egypt, the annals give historians an insight to the ruler Thut-mose III and his reign over Egypt, while also indicating the wealth of Egypt. These campaigns of Thut-mose III required a large military establishment including a hierarchy of officers and very expensive chariots. Not only does this aspect show Egypt's wealth but many of these campaigns were merely " parades of strength- or booty collections. His army collected 894 chariots, 200 suites of armour as well as over 200 horses and 25,000 other animals from his first campaign.

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