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plato vs aristotole

             ) There are many times throughout western civilization that History has repeated itself. We can take two of the people that have been seen as evil in this world and compare them to find that they have very much in common. The two men of war I am speaking of are Adolf Hitler and Slobodon Milosovich. When Milosovich started his ethnic cleansing campaign in the mid 1990's it reminded us all of a time that, if we weren't here to see it, we have at least read of it. It was a mirror of what Hitler was doing to the Jewish people in the 1930's. The killing of Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo was seen here in America as a terrible disgrace, but many seem to have forgotten that this is exactly what "the greatest generation" of Americans were fighting against all those years ago.
             Beginning in 1989, Milosevic began systematic efforts to stir up hostilities toward ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and revoked that region's autonomous status. Albanian political leaders were dismissed, government sponsored Albanian schools closed and teachers fired. Ethnic cleansing and forced evacuation has been followed by destruction of records of birth, marriage, deaths, and business transactions and real estate holdings. All this in an attempt to make it as if the Albanians had never existed in that place. This all sounds just a little too familiar. I seem to remember a part of a history class where we learned about a man named Hitler who closed Jewish schools and businesses, as well as destroyed records and killed over six million Jewish people.
             Another example of history repeating itself would be how discrimination has continued in this country. When the English first arrived in the New World, which would later become our homeland of America, there was terrible discrimination against the native peoples of this land. The Native Americans that had already occupied North America were thought of as savages. They therefore, were imprisoned, enslaved, and brutally murdered.

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