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The Crucible

             Arthur Miller's, The Crucible, first produced in 1953. Has been recognized as an excellent play by many reviewers and audiences. Its well-developed characters, outstanding dialogue, and relationship with peoples" reactions to mass hysteria are what make this an excellent play. Richard Watts, Jr., of the New York Post says, "It is a drama of emotional power and impact." Robert Warshaw, of The Immediate Experience says, "It is a drama of universal significance.".
             The characters in the play are very well developed. Each has his or her own traits that add to the story line. Every character shows some type of strong traits at some point during the play. Two of the strongest emotions shown in the play are fear and pride. In the case of Mary Warren, fear is shown very strongly as John Proctor orders her to go into court with him to speak against Abigail and the other girls. The audience can feel her fear when she says, " I cannot charge murder on Abigail, she"ll kill me for sayin" that! Abby"ll charge lechery on you, Mr Proctor! I cannot, they"ll turn on me." (Miller 80) The audience can really feel the fear in the tone of her voice. When it comes to pride Giles Corey sure shows .
             this trait. The audience can feel his pride as he replies to Hathorne about not having a lawyer when he says, "You know I never hired a lawyer in my life, and .
             always plaintiff, too. I am never put - upon, I know my rights, sir, and I will have them." (Miller 95) This allows the audience to feel his deep pride for himself.
             The dialogue between characters in the play is very good also in this aspect Arthur Miller allows the audience to understand every detail in such a way that they don't even realize it. He does this by being to the point but with a very entertaining edge to it. During the conversation between Parris and Abigail before he faced his congregation shows this form:.
             Parris: And what shall I say to them? That my daughter and my niece I discovered dancing like heathen in the forest?.

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