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Rwanda Massacre

            Many people ask themselves why did the violence spread so fast in Rwanda. Next, are episodes of the violence that took place during the massacre in Rwanda. This event continues to plague the citizens, government and the United Nations for failure to react to the massacre in an appropriate manner at an appropriate time. Randsdell notes that "President Habyarimana's assassination plunged Rwanda into the worst frenzy of mass killing the world has seen since the Khmer Rouge seized power in Cambodia in 1975. [.] Yet unlike Cambodia, where many of the 1 million or so victims died from overwork or exhaustion during a 3-1/2-year ordeal, Rwanda's nightmare lasted a scant 14 weeks- (Randsdell np). This information is shocking to me, to hear so many killings in a small country happening right after the assassination of their president. A million victims killed in fourteen weeks, which is horrible, we only hear about this amount of killing during a World War, and this type of battle take casualties all over the world, not just one country. Even in the war with Afghanistan and recently Iraq, there were not as many people killed as in this small country. To create a better picture to the reader, in The Bleeding of Rwanda, published by Economist, they observe .
             CORPESES lay piled at the roadside, some with limbs hacked off, others still bleeding from skull wounds. The streets of Kigali, the capital, were beginning to smell of rotting flesh. Families dared not venture out to bury their dead. Thousands had been killed in a week of violence. Thousands more were fleeing no foot over the borders. That was Rwanda this week "and more deaths were on the way- (Rwanda np).
             Not being able to bury you're relative because of the fear of you being killed in the process, that's not right. Once someone in you're family has passed, its only proper that the dead relative be buried, but its wrong when the that relative that is buring that person fears for their life while trying to bury that relative.

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