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The Three Components of Friend

            People consider friendship to be one of the most complex and ever changing concepts that individuals try to comprehend but companionship can be the most amazing thing in the world. Friendship contains many components that make it unique but the main one are that friends must enjoy one another's company and be useful to each other as Robert N. Bellah correctly states in his passage "Citizenship and Friendship." Bellah accurately affirms that friends enjoy each other's company even though they possess different perspective on issues that they are committed. In friendship, people confide in others when they needs emotional support, guidance, and help in tangible situation; hence, the importance of comradeship is that friends enjoy one another's" company, help one another, and possess a common commitment to the good.
             People take pleasure in other individuals" presences, which make human beings develop a friendship between each other. Bellah correctly states that in order people to become friends, individuals have to enjoy one another's company. In the twentieth first century, people were friends with other individuals because they enjoyed being in the company of people that they were fond of. People would rather be in the presence of someone that they like than some person that they dislike because people favor to be in an atmosphere where hate does not present itself. People choose to be in the presence of people who they enjoyed being with rather than being in the company with people who they dislike and possess a great amount of wealth, which people did in the early 1900s. Therefore, people would rather have the company of people who makes them happy. My grandfather Diem and his neighbor Juan were friends from when my grandfather came to America in the mid 1950s to the day he died. They did everything together from exercising to fishing because they enjoyed each other's company where they would laugh and talked about political issues.

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