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Knowledge and Nonsense

             I believe in the importance of a college education. I believe that my own attainment of a college degree will be an enormous step in the advancement of my career. I believe a college degree will enrich my mind and the minds of my children. I do not believe, however, in overexaggerating the importance of a college education through fallacies such as those given in Katherine Hansen's "What Good Is A College Education Anyway?".
             In her Essay, Hansen stated that a college education "will likely make you more prosperous." She backed this statement up by providing plenty of information from her research into the incomes of college graduates versus the incomes of high school graduates. Hansen found through several studies that both men and women nearly double their average salaries when obtaining a college education. The evidence she has provided clearly shows us that those with degrees have a substantially higher income than those without.
             I do not doubt Hansen's claim that higher education usually equals a higher income, but I disagree with her when she slaps down a list of 18 generalities all linked directly, according to her, to a college education. .
             The first item on her list that I would like to address is Hansen's claim that college graduates have better dietary and health practices. Now, according to the College Board of Education, enrollment in institutes of higher learning in the U.S. has jumped by about one .
             Choquette 2.
             million people over the last eight years (RSPFunding). With college graduates at an all-time high here in the U.S., how might Hansen explain obesity in the U.S. also being greater than ever (HealthLink)? Obviously, we cannot say that graduating college has a direct effect on an individual's health practices and therefore, we cannot directly link a college education to Hansen's claim of a longer life span either.
             Another fallacy in Hansen's argument is her claim that "college graduates have less dependency on government assistance.

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