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            The smoothly paved asphalt meeting a sea of wondrous colors, only broken by the blinding glare of glass is the image seen by many apprehensive students on a mission to find the one thing held precious by everyone on campus; a parking space. Driving up and down each aisle hopelessly awaiting for a car to pull out of a parking spot, one will only to be met with a line of brake lights a few cars long. As the frustration builds, and there seems like no way to get to class on time, the heavens open and a space effortlessly frees up. The buildings, which are at the heart of the parking lot, seem to rise out of the earth with much ease. While walking to class there are many sights, sounds and smells awaiting one's senses. The numerous planters positioned across campus give students a more relaxed atmosphere, where they can take a break and enjoy a cool beverage on a blistering hot summer day. .
             The students milling around campus is like seeing hundreds of ants swarming around an ant pile; they all look the same at first, but taking a second to look, a variety of people is to be seen. Anything from a football player, in full pads, running to practice, to a mother dropping her child off at the daycare center can be seen within just a few steps onto campus. Within the student body at MCC there are many generations to be found. Many different ranges of people need further education, and this is evident to anyone visiting campus. The changing trends in our society are apparent even to an untrained eye. With students" styles changing dramatically, it is easy to distinguish the ones that spend hours getting ready in the morning, to those who roll out of bed and go to school without even combing their hair. Yet, each of these students is what makes MCC what it is today. Mesa Community college is a melting pot of different ethnic, and cultural clusters waiting to be combined to form generations to come.

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