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Paper Mobile Security Dominion

             At present methods for providing conditional access to restricted resources and applications for permitting personnel, such as military members, government agencies, or first-responders are not available. The conditional access is provided if the user is an authentic user in one of the authorized geographic location and is connected to specific base transceiver stations or base station controllers. In this work we introduce dominions for mobile security, which are designed to provide this conditional access, are adjustable and congenial with mobile cellular systems, and can run even without being connected to a devoted back-end network. The aim of the architecture is to provide users who satisfy specific pre-conditions access to restricted resources and applications to which they otherwise normally would not be granted access. These mobile security dominions not only provide strict security by authenticating the user and the geographic location of the device, but also prevent access to networks or resources outside of authorized areas and restrict unauthorized users.
             1. Introduction .
             The past decade has brought many natural disasters and times of strife requiring the quick response of first responders. The first responders have been tasked with many different jobs, such as flood evacuations, aiding tornado affected areas, and setting up and managing assistance centers in earthquake-ravaged countries, to name just a few examples. The coordination and communication of these great missions are largely complicated and often difficult to manage, yet extremely important. The current generation of wireless networks and services can support the coordination and communication requirements of such missions. There has been an explosion in the mobile device technologies recently and an even greater advancement of the capabilities of these devices. First responders can benefit from the advances by using them within secure wireless networks to aid in their efforts.

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