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Communications and Mobile Technology

             With dependent on our laptops and desktops, smartphones are improving productivity, leisure activities, body fitness, and lifestyle. Smartphones are currently used to do numerous activities ranging from photo shoots to health tracking to shopping and other more activities. There are many apps and services that are hard to ignore introduced by the mobile ecosystem.
             Near Field Communication (NFC) comprise many protocols enabling electronic devices to communicate with each other by touching the devices, or getting the devices approximately to a distance of less than 10 cm through radio signals. NFC technology being the current technology enhancement in mobile technologies, is primarily used in checkouts as a mode of payment for some products and services. Companies such as McDonalds have installed special NFC terminals as their mode of payment. NFC also allows the use of e-wallets like Google wallet used in Google play store application for payment and tracking of the transactions. It has been implemented by the use of a special chip contacting reader for secure transaction. It is highly portable as it saves customers time as they need to tap on a terminal using their smartphones. Additionally, NFC technology can be used to transfer data between smartphones supporting the technology such as Android Beam service. Transfer of data through NFC is faster and more secure than Bluetooth services (Maria. K, 2015).
             Even though Bluetooth service is getting outdated for data transfer, it is currently used for music streaming, or making calls wirelessly. Bluetooth has also used for health monitoring. Currently, physicians are using Bluetooth-enabled Stethoscopes to listen to people heart and send information wirelessly to a mobile device. Smartphones through the use body sensors, heart monitors and other wireless devices can update people medical data on the fly. Changing a smartphone from a calling device to a device that can count and analyze health information with no addition adapters or device to perform analyses (Maria.

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