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             The word absurd means, "to sound impure". Waiting for Godot, The Dumb Waiter and The Bald Prima Donna are all typical of the purpose of absurd. These plays all feature irrational, illogical, and life has no meaning and simplicity. .
             The primary device used By Beckett in Waiting for Godot is to express this instinctive moment, is the poetic image. Beckett often focused on the idea of "the suffering of being." Most of the play deals with the fact that Estragon and Vladimir is waiting for something to ease their boredom. Godot can be understood as one of the many things in life people wait for. The play basically exists less in its take on life. The fact that none of the characters retain a clear mental history means that they are constantly struggling to prove their existence. Thus the boy who consistently fails to remember either of the two protagonists casts doubt of their existence. This is why Vladimir demands to know what the boy will in fact remember the next day. These features help to develop the devise concept of absurdum.
             Furthermore The Dumb Waiter utilises Absurdum through characteristics including nature of silences and disconnection in human communication. The play emulates Pinter's style of absurd and lack of meaning in daily routine. When Ben comments on how they will receive their orders Gus answers "He might not come. He might just send a message. He doesn't always come". The boss Wilson is never seen in the play. He is a god-like figure, integral to the story but absent Wilson keeps the men waiting always in suspense, they never know what their next job might be, only that the orders will come sooner or later and they must carry them out. Gus is child-like and doomed to repetitive action. He frequently has to go to the bathroom, in itself a boring repetitive action that is part of the human condition. He asks Ben questions constantly and when he gets an answer, which is not often, he repeats it back to Ben.

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