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            Walking down the stairs at the end of the school day, I was as happy as can be, because I had brought my rollerblades to school so I could skate at SACC on the black top. I was so surprised to see my mom and aunt waiting by the door with my brother Tim. They called me over and said that I don't have to go to SACC today and we were going to be walking home. I just wanted to drop off my rollerblades in the SACC room because it was really tiring trying to carry them to school and I knew that I would have to do it all over again the next day. It was a quiet walk home that day. The silence was something I had never experienced before. There was something about the smell in the air and its eerie calmness. That's something that will never leave my memory. It was a feeling that I had never felt before, when you can feel it in the air, sense what is about to happen isn't going to be something "fun". Approaching our old house on Scott Drive, we went around the side and walked down the cellar steps as we always did. She walked into the house and disappeared into her bedroom, came out, and sat in the middle of the living room floor. Seeing my mom sit in the middle of the living floor was really unusual. While sitting in the living room, there were no lights on but enough light from outside came in, though it was getting darker as if it were about to rain. Wondering what my mom was about to tell us, my eyes wandered the room. I could see the bathroom light on in the hallway and my aunt's reflection in the mirror grabbing the box of tissues. I noticed how soft the blue carpet was underneath me as I rubbed my hands along it. The T.V. was on, though the volume was on mute. The fireplace looked cool and empty. The couch seemed so far away, even though it was only a couple feet away. The white walls also seemed so much father away then usual. It was cozy, but not, in so many ways. It didn't feel like my living room, but it did.

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