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Buddhism and Hinduism

            Religion is defined as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Today we live in a world of many religions but I would like to discuss Buddhism and Hinduism to show differences as well as similarities. This paper will point out the cultural and geographical origin of each and also discuss the religious practices that were taught then and now. .
             Buddhism and Hinduism were two of the earliest religions that started in the world. During the research I found very interesting facts when comparing the two religions. I will discuss differences as well as similarities. Buddhism is the practice of Buddha's teaching that is also called "Dharma" which means protection. The teachings has the power to liberate all living beings permanently from their suffering. Buddhism also follows the rituals but only in the form of meditation. They worship in the Buddhist temple but does not require attendance of priest and they don't believe in a God or a creator of God. Buddhism started in Nepal, India around 560 B.C founded by Gautama Buddha. .
             Hinduism can be best defined as a way of life based on the teachings of ancient sages and scriptures like Vedas and Upanishads. Hindus are more complex when it comes to rituals and may vary from birth to death of a person. Hindus practices involves stages in life. The first stage is Brahmacharga which takes place during the school years and if focused on developing character. Second stage is called the Grastaha which concentrates on the middle years and are focused on worldly pursuits and pleasure such as a marriage family and career. The third stage is Vanaprastha is captured when childhood reaches adulthood and is a time to focus on spiritual things. The fourth stage is Sanngasu which involves the last years of life, one may abandon the world entirely for the life of contemplation.

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