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Hinduism vs. Buddhism

            Hinduism basic ideals: "the belief that animals and human castes were created out of the primal sacrifice of the god of Purusha in Vedas, the complementary ideas of karma and reincarnation in the Upanishads, and, lastly, the identification of Braham and atman also in the Upanishads." Hinduism is also based on the "endless cycle." A transmigration of souls from one form to another. Every person and animal is subject to life, death and rebirth. Depending upon what caste their from and how they perform in life, will affect their next life. One "unites" themselves with god via meditation. Mediation should be done in a quiet, solitary place or sacred spot. "By identifying oneself with him, one ceases to be ignorant. One also organizes their mind, matter and Maya via meditation. "To realize god, first control senses and harness the mind." One must also commit themselves to eternal Brahman. .
             Buddhism: "Life is sorrow, Sorrow is the result of selfish desire, Selfish desire can be destroyed, It can be destroyed by following the eightfold path." "And this is the Noble truth of the Arising of Sorrow. It arises from craving, which leads to rebirth, which brings delight and passion, and seeks pleasure now here, now there--the craving for sensually pleasure, the craving for continued life, the craving for power." "And this is the Noble truth of the stopping of Sorrow. It is the complete stopping of that craving, so that no passion remains, leaving it, being emancipated from it, being released from it, giving no place to it. "And this is the Noble Truth of the Way which Leads to the Stopping of Sorrow, it is the Noble Eightfold Path--Right Views, Right Resolve, Right speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.".
             Buddhism and Hinduism are both very alike and very different. A lot of the concepts and theories seem to be similar and possible related.

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