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Hinduism and Buddhism

             Hinduism is also known as "Suntan Dharma" to.
             The original language language of India is.
             Everlasting and "Dharma" , by a crude translation.
             means Religion. The Everlasting Religion, Hinduism.
             was founded, exists and flourishes in India. To.
             most people outside of India, Hinduism is known as.
             just a religion, but the truth is that it is both a.
             religion and a way of life. They have rules or.
             guidelines for good living on this earth. .
             The message of Sanatana dharma (Hinduism) is a.
             perennial and will not ever become outdated with.
             time. This religion actually does not have a.
             starting point. In other words there is not a.
             specific date that it was founded. there is no.
             documentation of who really founded this religion.
             and way of life. it just evolved over a period of.
             there are many sacred books of Hinduism. they.
             are as follows: the Puranas, ramayana,.
             mahabrata and the Rig vedas. The vedas is said to.
             be the longest existing book.
             The Vedas are the Hindu scriptures. It is.
             believed to have no real origin. The vedas is what.
             formed the educational system and broadly.
             comprised all the different spheres of life,.
             biology, science, mathematics, ect. ancient India.
             The Almighty - "OM Poornamadam Poornaad.
             Poornamudachyate; Poornasya Poornamaadaaya.
             Poornamevaavashisyate" is told about in an.
             unwritten portion of the Vedas known as the.
             Sruti. The Almighty - "OM poornamadam Poornaad.
             poornamudachyate; poornasya poornamaadaaya.
             poornamevaavashisyate" is translated to mean ".
             what is whole - this is whole - what has come out.
             of the whole is also whole; when the whole is.
             taken out of the whole, the whole still remains.
             whole". In other words the infinite cannot be.
             measured arithmetically - God is infinite.
             Hinduism is monotheistic. This means that they.
             only believe in one god. They do not only believe.
             in one god, but also in his supreme personality.
             Hinduism does not promote animal worship and.
             other such primitive practices, Although many.

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