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             Humanism was first introduced to teaching in the 1950's.
             to focus on the teacher-student relationship. The previous way of teaching just the behavioral and cognitive theories, just did not seem to work. I think that involving students, parents and outside influences into the teaching and the classroom will be ultimately the most effective way to teach today's youth. How can we effectively teach if we do not use a holistic approach? Taking into account all aspects of the student's life will enable use as teachers to help that child learn to the best of his ability.
             One of the first humanistic attitudes that I think are important is unconditional positive regard. This attitude projects total acceptance of another's person is worth. When we accept student's worth without judgment of outside influences, we can really learn to accept all people regardless of their background or behavior. Use of this positive regard could be how accepting are we of the child that is disruptive in class or rude to the teacher. Teachers cannot always have the well-behaved respectful student. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for help from outside influences. Getting the parents involved with Sally's behavior problem in the classroom is ways of helping the student achieve goals. I know from my experience as a pre-school teacher there are the ideal students and some students that others deem difficult. I tried to learn how to totally accept each child for who they are. Being a positive influence and having a positive attitude goes along way with a difficult child.
             The second humanistic attitudes I would instill in teachers is genuineness. This trait expresses sincerity in thought and motivation. I think that children are very perceptive to a teacher's genuineness. How sincere you really are to the students will help the students cope with the classroom and other students. While sometimes you cannot express all your feelings and attitudes to the children, for the most part being sincere will motivate others around you.

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