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Lenin's role in the Russian re

             Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known famously as Lenin, died on the 21st of January in 1924 after having suffered many strokes. The sweeping state funeral followed in Moscow where his embalmed corpse was laid to rest in a mausoleum built outside the Kremlin's walls. The cult that surrounded him was phenomenal and his teachings and theories are still widely taught and discerned today. His political tactics and revolutionary ideas gave rise to his somewhat meteoric fame. In 1917 after emerging as premier of the Soviet Government his fame and fortune grew overnight. It was not long before people were hypnotized by his speeches and peasants as well as workers would bow in his presence. Lenin can be seen as the backbone and driver in the events now referred to as the October revolution, where the Bolshevik's (Lenin's party) took over the Russian government in St Petersburg and were not only successful in seizing power but able to hang onto the position during a long civil war and thereafter. The revolution is a crucial event in our modern times. It transformed Russia and its effects are still felt around the globe today. Lenin was the main precursor who helped achieve and maintain this political order. Some may argue that Trotsky also held a main role but he was not a member of the party at the time were Lenin wrote and constructed his theses and therefore during the pre-condition phase was not as vital in Lenin's initial success. Although throughout the civil war and the critical phase in general, Lenin relied upon Trotsky's brilliant mind and military organizational skills to achieve greatness, it was Lenin's drive and the conviction along with his unfailing commitment which struck those around him and drew them into the orbit that was Lenin. .
             Lenin's emergence as a revolutionary leader was during the pre-condition phase of the revolution, in1903. Here as the second congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, (RSDLP), he already showed signs of being a powerful, convincing leader.

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