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             Perhaps the greatest modern art form is film. Film isn't as old as say the written word or music, but film has developed as much, if not more prestige in the eighty years sense its creation. The artistic power of films cannot be denied, but even with all that film has going for it film still has its shortcomings as do other artistic mediums.
             Mainstream films or film culture is often greed oriented. Being money oriented is the worst sin a film maker or a production company can commit, because if all they care about is making a profit then there film is completely devoid of meaning. If a film loses its meaning it ceases to be a film it is then simply a movie.
             Some people will say that all films even movies are art, this isn't so. A film or anything for that matter must do two things to be art. The first thing a film must do to be art is to express some kind of meaning, this is a very broad term, but mostly this refers to some kind of theme or message. The second thing a film must do is be indirectly about the artist .
             in some way. This means that the artist has put a piece of his immortal soul in a film for the world to feel and try to understand. If done right you will be able to know the artist personally, but you should also be able to view his other work and know that this is that artists work without even knowing his name first.
             "What makes a film good?" You might ask yourself. The simple answer is if you enjoyed it then its good, but this philosophy is flawed in many ways. Let's take a young child that grew up in Cambodia all his life and has never seen a film before. Then one day he is hiding in some bushes and he sees a family of American tourists projecting a home movie on the side of there RV. He is most likely astounded by the flat talking people on the wall laughing and running. The child in Cambodia enjoyed the home movie while 99.9% of the people who live is the home movies county of origin would think that the home movie is boring, trivial, and stupid.

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