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girl witha pearl earing

            combination of some or all of the above.
             Wireless transmission media often require a clear "line of sight" to be effective . what does this mean and what kind of limitation does it place on wireless media? Describe one advantage of wireless networking, giving an example of its use?.
             Is the impetus for change at ggs due to "internal " or external factors?.
             Explain why it is important for stakeholder to understand what the impetus for change to an information system is?.
             The most serious obstacle to successful implementation is "resistance to change". What is meant by the term "resistance to change" and why is it such an obstacle?.
             Outline the steps that management should take to maximise staff acceptance of this change to the information system?.
             Parliament passed several sets of laws in aust during 2000 2001. These gave protection/right to the individual. Are the proposed changes as ggs likely to be in contravention of any of these laws? Give reason for ur answer.
             When a change Is made to an information system it should be seen as an opportunity to check on the health and safety aspects of the system in regard to its users. Do you c any problems in this area for ggs given the nature of the proposed changes?.
             Describe what u think the organisation would hope to c to demonstrate that the change has been successful.
             Desscribe what would probably be considered a failure. Also describe the possible consequences for the organisation of that failure .

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