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The Story of an Hour

            It has been so many decades ago that Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, yet it still remains one of the most prevalent and controversial plays. Hamlet tells the story of a young prince who's father died and his mother marries his husband"s brother (Claudius) who now becomes king and takes over the throne. Hamlet discovers later that his father was murdered by Claudius and decides to take revenge over his father's death. As the play goes on Hamlet faces complicated situations where his character has been modify in different ways. His personality is difficult to understand that we as readers can only speculate and judge Hamlet's actions. For instance, An Ireland's most respected cultural critics, Fintan O'toole, talks about three different interpretations of Hamlet's behaviors: First, Hamlet as being a slob, second Hamlet as a sensible and noble person and last Hamlet as being in a stage of managing death. O'toole agrees with the last interpretation.
             Fintan O"Toole's in his essay says that many people think that" Hamlet is a slob, a shirker. He has a job to do and won't do it. He keeps persuading himself that there is a good reason for not getting on with the job in hand. (34). However, O"Toole's disagrees with this idea by saying that:.
             What Shakespeare gives us is not a slob or a shirker or a mother -fixated .
             neurotic, but a man of action- the man to whom everyone turns at the .
             starts of the play when there is a crisis, the man who can board a pirate .
             ship, the man who has few scruples about killing those he sees as threatening.
             him. He is concerned with how, not whether, to perform his task. He is concerned with perfecting his role on a very tricky and untrustworthy stage. (40).
             This shows that O"Toole's thinks that hamlet takes control of his actions and he does not need no body to tell him what to do or what to say, instead he could sometimes control other peoples actions, but also he is saying that hamlet can get very aggravated towards some characters in the play to the extend that he could ended up by killing that person.

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