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Affirmative Action

             A presently obsolete and skewed affirmative action process "exacerbates racial divisions and tensions,"" supporting superior preference to an individual based on race and socioeconomic status (Grapes 38). Affirmative action contradicts and disregards all morals society holds as a whole; it forces quotas into aspects of life to which race should hold no preference. When Lyndon B. Johnson first implemented affirmative action in 1965, he had positive intentions: "We seek not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result- (Lyndon par. 34). Contrary to Johnson's intentions for equality, however, affirmative action brews animosity toward minorities. It hurls one race against another. Although affirmative action has opened the doors for minorities in the fields of education and multiple professions, it does so at an unjust and costly price. .
             Indeed, affirmative action has reduced racial injustices committed against minorities. For example, universities now accept more minorities all over the United States. Also, minorities now hold many executive positions for large corporations, positions previously held by white males. Not only does affirmative action benefit minorities applying for jobs, it also "provides employers with the largest, most diverse pool of qualified applicants from which to choose-; in result, it diversifies the work place with different ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses (Grapes 12). Furthermore, many blacks now lead prosperous lives because of the " open[ed] doors of opportunity that would otherwise be slammed tight- had affirmative action not intervened (Wilkens 155). Many individuals support the affirmative action policy solely because of the benefits it provides for blacks. These advocates, however, often overlook the consequences. .
             The negative consequences of affirmative action outweigh the benefits it produces, therefore producing an unjust policy.

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