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            The title of this piece is Sunday Night of a Scotch Student; this is an attempt to explain what happens to student on the weekend and why homework doesn't get done. This is a personal piece as this is what happens to me most of the time. It is in a diary form explaining each day step by step.
             3, 2, 1 Yes! Finally schools out, I had Maths Methods Mr Brown knew this would happen. As always I had been waiting all week for this moment. I grab my books chuck them into my bag and ran off to the car. Mum was waiting for me at the front, a mate of mine told me about a party at his house tonight, and I told him I would see him there. .
             I get into the car, say hi to my mum buckle up and start telling her about my day, basically highlighting all the events that happen at school, such as the Jimmy Jones getting hit by water bombs since yr 12's were nearly finishing, also how a pigeon got into the classroom and created havoc. She asks me what's happening tonight as she always asked on Friday, I told her that I was going to Toms house because he is having a party, mum didn't like the idea, because of what happened last year to him. But she allowed me and told me that she trusts me. We get home I go to my room get changed, them watch a bit of TV, nothing was on. So, I hop on the razor scooter to Burke Rd to meet up with usual guys. I tell them about the party and ask if they are coming, after about an hour we leave, its 6:00pm I get home to eat dinner. At around 8:00 I leave for the party, I popped by Dan Murphy's to buy a slab of beer and walk to Tom's place. The house was packed; I go in see Tom give him the slab as a present and met up with the others. .
             It was around 12:00 the party was dying down, I decided to go, said goodbye to everyone and walked home, luckily I didn't have much to drink so mum and dad would smell anything, when I got home I went straight to bed. .
             Wake up at around 11:00 to find out that family day is on, and I remembering I was running in 30 minutes, 100metre C.

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