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Frosts aspects of writing

            Thesis Statement: Robert Frost explores many different aspects of writing. .
             An analysis of the astounding collection of poetry and stories by Robert Frost I find the themes of ironary, satire, and most of all nature to be present and persistent. Robert Frost uses the world around him to create a magical and mystical feeling for his writings, which fills the reader with a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of childhood adolescence.
             Robert Frost gave the world a window, for the world to view poetry through. From his poem "The Mending Wall" to his poem "In a Disused Graveyard" he has shown several themes to his style of writing. Robert Frost presents irony, satire and special connection with nature in his poems to prove his thesis. In the following writings that are described below are all related in some way with ironary, satire or nature that Frost uses to convey his message. It is clear by using his unique method that he is better than everyone he writes about and that is what creates the difference between him and the rest of the world. I think it makes him feel so lonely and isolated from society. In the first stanza of the poem "In a Disused Graveyard", Frost establishes clear opposition: "The living come with grassy tread to read the gravestones on the hill; the grave yard draws the living still, but never anymore the dead". The irony that is in this stanza is the dead will never be back again. In the second stanza Frost makes us realize why are they going and coming back. Frost continues with: "The ones who are living come today to read the stones and go away tomorrow dead will come to stay". The grim reality of this is that when they die they will stay there forever, so what he is saying is that there is no point in walking the pathways of the graveyard. In the poem "Mending Wall" the direct comparison is that the speaker Frost is once again using satire and ironary "Good fences make good neighbors", his neighbor from the poem says.

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