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Review of crucibleJohn Proctor

             I am writing to you with concern, and I am prayerful of you to review the present actions of what our Christian town is becoming. The situation of our community and the court is being undermined by these ludicrous alligations of witchery and is being solely conducted by Abigail Williams and her loyal friends. At this time in our community it is either to lie about our interactions with the devil and witchcraft or condemn us to death. .
             Please let us firstly look at how the cry of "witchery" came to our reserved town by the girls. Abigail confided in me that she and the girls were merely dancing in the woods when they became fearful after being caught by Reverend Parris. The two younger girls (Ruth and Betty) became anxious after this and reacted to save them selves from predicament. Abigail was the one held responsible for the girls's behaviour and then succeeded to shift the guilt to Tituba, conceivably to try and save all their backsides. Aye, Tituba was the first to cry devil work but only when she was faced with being hung after Abigail deemed her the precedence of the whole incident. The girls will obviously stick together in their pretence, rather then imperil themselves of being accused of undertaking the devils work. Wouldn't you too do the same thing if you were faced with death?.
             Now, was it or was it not poor Goody Good, the first person to confess in collaborating with the devil? I find her position in the town significant, as she lives on the outer boarder and does not comply with the other town's people. She therefore had no other option but to lie and plead guilty, as she had no endorsement or evidence otherwise. Then to ridicule herself of these charges she alleged she saw others with the devil.
             I feel many townsfolk of Salem desire retribution. Some are also looking for justification of, what they think are unusual happenings but are purely human occurrences by clearly accusing the kind and honest people of Salem without a second thought of the outcomes from their actions.

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