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Black Beauty

             The book I read for my book report was Black Beauty written by Anna Sewell.
             In the book, Black Beauty was born on a very nice farm . His farm had acres of lucious meadows that were filled with flowers and apple trees. He had a very good personality and was usually happy. Black Beauty's master was especially nice to him. He fed him delicious foods such as oats, gruel, crispy apples and fresh hay. His master would comfort him by talking to him calmly and softly. Black Beauty's mom had a beautiful silky brown coat with a mane the color of sand. She left him when he was one year old because she got traded away by her owner. This was a very sad time for Black Beauty. .
             A friendship was born with a horse named Ginger who became Black Beauty's best friend. She became Black Beauty's best friend because they could really talk to each other and would listen intently to each others life stories. Ginger was usually happy because she had Beauty for a nice kind, gentle friend. They were best friends for only about one year. They didn't see each other for about eight years because they had gotten traded away to other places. The next time they see each other Black Beauty does not even recognize Ginger. She was so thin you can see her ribs. Black Beauty thinks that it would not be cruel to send her to the butcher.
             James Howard and Joe Green were two of Beauty's more favorite gentle masters. James Howard was really nice. He fed Beauty and he didn't work her too much. He even saved Ginger's life from a barn fire accidentally started by the caretaker which was a young boy. He was Beauty's first master. Joe Green was just an understanding master who always cared for Beauty. Beauty always felt that Joe worked him just enough pulling the taxicab. If Joe over worked him he always made up for it by resting Beauty a day or two. .
             Another master was Jakes who was somewhat mean. Jakes worked for a company that shipped food and Black Beauty helped transport the food.

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