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Defining the Color Black

            Dark, solitude, sadness, hope, anger, waste, race, fear, dirt, respect, and death are some of the definitions for the word black. Black is the association with demons, witches, the devil, and it symbolizes evil characters and criminal activities. Black is a person whose skin is of a black color, or shaded with black. The expansion of the word and its meaning is sometimes in fictional stories. Demons are going to be dark, and/or black. For example, in the movie Ghost the evil demons emerged from the shadows; this effect takes place in a dark, gloomy warehouse. Black is often used in self-explaining words;as black-eyed, or black-skinned. That is why the term black is used as a slang word. To use the term without offending anyone is based in the context of the conversation. Black can be a mellow place. One can relax without being disturbed. Chukka locations arrange an atmosphere of dark colors and mellow music. In my opinion, black is hostile, and an attitude. Also, a psychological relief, where the personality can open up, and let others into a world that was never known before. Someone that had been afraid to show a true side to others, and I believe it is something good or bad, funny or depressing. But in what form can one say how black is or what black mean.
             Black is fancy and elegant. It is sometimes known to have class and style. Women own little black dresses that can emphasize their body for attention, and to let other people know that they have style; one feels elegant, beautiful, and slim in black clothing. Black is shiny. It may allure consumers to have potential in their style of living; to have that dark style is a neutral one. Black diamonds are a new girls best friend; it is rare to wear black diamonds if its not a special occasion. Black is tasteful and effort less beauty. BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Lincoln cars advertise in black to aware the viewer of how smooth the color and the ride can be.

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