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             You are wondering what it is to be a color? Are you a color if you paint yourself white? Is color just an exterior or is it an interior as well? Is the color you are on the outside, the color you are on the inside? Think about it this way, many people in our culture pretend to be something that they are not, just another white man, or just another black man. The fact of life is that you are what you are, and that you cannot, excluding major reconstructive surgery change what you look like. So basically pull out your box of Crayolas and color yourself whatever color you want to be, because everybody is different in their own way. .
             As Webster's dictionary explains, color is defined 10 different ways. First color can be defined as: a visual attribute of bodies or substances that depends upon spectral composition of the simulating the retina and its associated neural structures. So basically what I am trying to say is that no one color is exactly the same in anyone's eye. But is it fair to judge a book by its cover, or is it fair to assume that every Twinkie has a different flavored filling, so to speak. In our school alone it is safe to say that there are roughly seventy-five different cultural backgrounds and probably ten different main sects of religion. But it's unfortunate that people even today are judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character as Martin Luther King Jr. has said. Even though this is true I feel that it is equally bad that we as a nation group people together stereotyping one person in a group as all the people in a group. So in order to reach new heights as a nation we must come together to show that color isn't everything, and in fact color isn't anything at all. .
             Color is also defined as: a false appearance; pretext; disguise. I truly think that this is the best definition of the word color. Not black or white, green, or even yellow with purple polka dots, color is a disguise of a person's character, which is the one true thing on this earth that is very much under appreciated.

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